Reddam House Umhlanga believes every student possesses leadership potential and deserves the opportunity to express it. Our students are encouraged to dedicate their talents and time serving on various leadership portfolios in their senior years in the Prep and College. The students choose these portfolios based on their passions and sense of purpose. Our senior students are encouraged to lead with confidence and compassion - never wilfully exercising power or privilege.

We believe in a balanced, holistic education where every student is expected to contribute fully to academic endeavours and to the extramural programme in sport and cultural activities. In order to become happy and productive students and successful, young adults - by committing to a sports team or cultural group whose collective goal is greater than the individual pursuits of its members - we strive for a sense of purpose. We nurture and celebrate our students’ talents inside and outside the classroom and strive for excellence in the sporting and cultural arenas.

Every Reddam House Umhlanga student is encouraged to “give back” to the community through various school and student-initiated outreach activities.

As a member of the Inspired Education Group, proudly educating over 50,000 students across a global network of more than 60 schools, we leverage international best practice to provide our students with a global perspective and a world-class education.

Together with access to overseas exchanges and unique international summer school experiences, this combines to provide an exciting educational journey, equipping our students with the knowledge, skills and values to face an increasingly challenging, global future with confidence.