Reddam House Umhlanga is a non-traditional school with traditional values. By non-traditional we believe that education should be enjoyed and not endured. We believe in an education without fear or intimidation. We have no student hierarchy; we do not believe that senior students should wield unrealistic power or fear over those junior to them. Our teachers have been handpicked not only for their subject expertise but also for their exceptional rapport with those who have been entrusted into their care. At the same time we stand proudly by our more traditional values which can be seen in the fair and consistent application of our strict discipline code. We insist on the highest standard of both appearance and behaviour of our students. Manners and a commitment to a moral code are expected and our College stands firm on our distinctive Christian foundation.


College Classroom


We believe in the value of a balanced and holistic education where every student is expected to contribute fully - not only to academic endeavours - but also to the extramural programme in sport and or cultural activities in order to become happy and productive children and young adults.

By committing to a sports team and/ or a cultural group whose collective goal is greater than the individual pursuits of its members, goes some way to achieving a sense of purpose. We believe in nurturing and celebrating our students’ talents both inside and outside the classroom and thus strive for excellence in the sporting and cultural arenas.

Reddam House Umhlanga students are inspired to achieve academic success. Communication and confidence are nurtured in the compulsory subject of Public Speaking at the Grade 8 and 9 level.

The freedom to choose subjects that are in keeping with a student’s aptitude, strengths and future career path is integral to our academic offering. A passion for performance finds articulation in the Visual Art, Dramatic Art, Music and Dance studios whilst equal emphasis is placed on scientific discovery and logic in the Physical and Life Science laboratories.

Mathematics is a key subject area in which students are guided in choosing either Mathematics or the more practical Mathematical Literacy but the more capable mathematician is extended to take on the extra subject of Advanced Programme Mathematics. Engineering and computation skills are taught in the new compulsory subjects of Coding and Design Thinking in Grade 8 and 9 and Engineering, Graphics & Design as well as Information Technology in Grades 10 to 12.


We, at Reddam House Umhlanga, understand the value of an independent, internationally competitive, and child-centered education. In so doing we nurture individuality, talent, and self-assurance through a broad curriculum, including a dynamic range of academic, cultural, community outreach, and sporting activities. As a non-traditional school, we seek new ways to stay relevant and innovative in our approach to education without losing sight of the importance of the traditional values of respect, pride, and self-discipline. Please accept this as an invitation to book a school tour or make an appointment with me to talk about how we can best equip your son or daughter with the knowledge, skills, and values to face an increasingly challenging, global future with confidence.

— Adam Rogers, Executive Head


Umhlanga college

Reddam House Umhlanga offers a respected curriculum, including a broad range of academic, cultural and sporting activities. In a secure, relaxed, self-disciplined environment we nurture individuality, talent and self-assurance. We understand the importance of education; we therefore equip our students to face an increasingly challenging global future with pride and confidence by inspiring true excellence in learning.

Affiliated with the Independent Examinations Board (IEB) – and offering a diverse, stimulating subject choice - highly qualified, dynamic, experienced teachers are the custodians of your children’s futures.

GRADE 8 – 9 subjects include:
English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Mathematics, Life Orientation, Geography, History, EMS, French, Art, Drama, Music, Dance, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, sports science, coding & robotics, Engineering, Graphics & design.

Our students participate in a variety of Olympiads and Benchmark examinations throughout the College. This exposes our students to different types of questions in a variety of styles and formats which builds mental agility.

GRADE 10 – 12 subjects include:
English, Afrikaans, Zulu, Mathematics/Mathematical Literacy, Life Orientation, Geography, History, Business Studies, Accounting, French, Art, EGD, Drama, Music, Dance, Physical Sciences, Life Sciences, CAT, IT, AP Mathematics. Students prepare for an IEB National Senior Certificate.

Our students participate in a variety of Olympiads and Benchmark examinations throughout the College. This exposes our students to different types of questions in a variety of styles and formats which builds mental agility.


Umhlanga college

The collaborative element of team games is highly valued and students are encouraged to participate in sporting events with a variety of team and individual sports on offer. Dance, Drama, Music and Art are offered as creative outlets for our students and complements our rigorous academic programme.

Extra-curricular activities include: Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Netball (indoor and outdoor), Hockey (indoor and outdoor), Water Polo, Swimming, 7s Rugby, Mountain Biking and Trail running and Cross Country.




Our 50 matriculants achieved a 100 percent pass rate, with 80 subject distinctions (80% +) and 5 students attaining an A-aggregate and 25 students attaining a B-aggregate.

These outstanding results are the culmination of supportive parents, committed students and hand-picked passionate teachers providing a dynamic, relevant and contemporary approach to excellence in education.