Contact the school to book a tour or appointment with the Head of School. Following an interview, all students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 are assessed prior to enrolment.

Click on the link to submit an online application to the school.

Online Application Form


Boarding at Reddam House is a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the holistic Reddam House education more fully. Boarding life fosters camaraderie and lifelong friendships in a secure and supportive environment. Our students are afforded opportunities to grow in every sphere: in academics, sports and in the creative and performing arts.

Click on the link to submit the boarding application form to the school.

Boarding Application Form

Should you be interested in making an application, please fill in the application form online. There is a R550 non-refundable application fee per student and banking details can be found on the fee structure attached, alternatively you can make payment on please use the reference: name.surname.grade. Application form - to be signed by both parents (in the event of only one parent signing the Conditions, please provide the School with an acceptable reason for doing so).
Please can you send me the below outstanding documentation along with a proof of payment:
1. A copy of the Student's Birth Certificate, Passport, or Identification Document.
2. Copies of Parent's Identification Documents.
3. Copies Vaccination charts.
4. Copies of Reports from all Occupational Therapists and/or Physiotherapists and/or Speech Therapists and/or Psychologists who have assessed the Student (if applicable).
5. Copies of the Students final report from the previous year and the most current reports.